easy while robust

With 30 million data trained neural network, and profesional
cardiologists calibrate the results to train the AI in return,
AI-powered ECG diagnosis secures the health of patients
in an easy while robust way.

Get to the result in a few clicks

Data aquisited from patients can be sent or copied manually to local PC via LAN or USB or any other device supported protocols.
Data analyzed automatically by well-trained AI neural network system with high accuracy of 98.3%.
Professional report is generated in clinical language , which can also be customized.
Sample Report
98.3% Accuracy drived by deep learning algorithm.
Supported by over 47 million annotated data
16 heart beat waveforms classified
Rapid diagnosis in only 3 seconds
Fully-automated analysis User-friendly interface
The professional and reliable diagnosis provided by AI-ECG helps to build the affinity between hospitals and patients.
Workload is released and the return on your investment is maximized.
Clinical Data